Yet another location photography project that involved the M62! This was the latest location photography session that went smoothly thanks to a window of fine weather and some previous location knowledge. The client had requested location photography shots of a new large warehouse development being built right by the side of the M62 motorway. The initial discussion with the client took the form of a ‘wish list’ of content. The chances of achieving all these requirement in one image seemed unlikely, but sometimes, you never know.

Steelwork, the motorway, vehicles on the move and possibly reference to junction 21!

The new unit was under construction on Rochdale’s Kingsway Business Park, which runs parallel to the M62. The good news was that the first stages of steel work should be easily seen from the motorway. I took advantage of a sunny Saturday in November (if you look closely you’ll see some snow on the distant hill tops).

The first step was to have a walk around the location and evaluate some of the different vantage points. The next step was to get some shots in the bag as a fall back if I couldn’t create the shot I wanted.

During the walk about I found a path running right by the side of the motorway on the opposite side from the newly erected steelwork. Perfect! Not only did the path rise and fall to afford different vantage points, but it also provided access to a location that would allow inclusion of an overhead gantry with signs covering all of the clients requirements.

Using filters to capture movement

Whilst it was a nice sunny day, it was also very cold. I wasn’t sure if the camera batteries or my fingers would stop working first.

Using multiple stacked neutral density filters and the camera set up on a tripod I set about getting some shots. Adjusting the exposure and ISO speed in manual allowed me to get the perfect blur on the passing trucks. Back at the studio I also did a little bit of work in Adobe Camera Raw before opening the images in Photoshop. Hardly any work was required in Photoshop as I’d managed to get pretty much everything I needed in the initial shot.

A few more options for good measure

Once I had the images I knew would fulfil the brief, I also took some from different viewpoints to give the client more choice. The end result was a happy client who if anything was spoilt for choice.

Hi Ian, these are excellent (as usual)! You must have sat there for ages freezing to capture some of these amazing shots, but they are well worth it – I love the ones with the blurred vehicles and the steelwork with the sun peeking through

Damian Cooke
Operations Director RDA

steel work for Unit 216 at Rochdale Kingsway Business Park

An alternative image showing the steel work being erected

passing trucks on the M62 near Rochdale

A lower viewpoint of a lorry passing the new warehouse

abstract cherry pickers and steel work

An abstract view of cherry pickers and steelwork

winter sun seen through steel work

Winter sun silhouetting the steel fabrication.