After an extremely busy four or five years I’ve decided I can’t put it off any longer. I need to update my web site.

I’m frequently reminding my clients that they ‘need a structured web presence’, ‘and that they use social media to maximise awareness’, ‘and to improve the written and pictorial content on their site to improve SEO’.  And guess who doesn’t do any of this because he’s too busy making sure all his customers are happy? Yes. It is me.

So over the coming months I’ll be constantly updating and adding new content to my company web site. I’ll be adding news on a far more frequent basis. Hopefully it will all be relevant, informative and interesting. I’d really like to hear your feedback or alternative points of view.

Graphic design, photography and all things creative

I’ll be adding thoughts about creative techniques I’ve used, as well as exploring new trends as they come along. Its also my intention to invite some colleagues to add their thoughts.

Web design and building

It’s frightening to think that when I started out (let’s just insert here ‘some considerable time ago’) the web hadn’t been invented. In fact we were all using magic markers, spray mount and marking up artwork on a trace overlay with cmyk colour references! Yes, really. But as with so many things in the world of work you either keep up to date as best as possible, or you get left behind and become obsolete.

This website is using WordPress as a CMS. I’ve used the Avada theme simply because it is relatively easy to customise. Before now I’ve relied on developers to build my web site designs. But in an effort to improve skills and knowledge I’ve taken the plunge and decided to ‘have a go’ under the hood.

My intention with the site is to start off with a very basic five page site. This will also feature a number of portfolio pages and news pages, which technically I know are posts. Then I intend to increase and revise the content because I’m told this does increase SEO scores. I’m also going to try and link this in to Facebook, Linked In, Google+ and Twitter to see just how hard it is to practise what I preach.

If you too are new to all things website, I’d like to hear your thoughts and experiences. Please get in touch and let me know how you go about the daily task of lifelong learning whilst holding down a day job.